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The Long Island Environmental Voters Forum is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots political association established to identify, recruit and actively campaign for the election of pro-environment candidates across Long Island.Because we are a populous island and enjoy a diverse but fragile environment, there is a great urgency that Long Island's environment be made a priority by all our elected officials. Moreover, critical land use decisions are being made locally and being made now. With final build-out of the Island projected by 2020, the candidates we elect in the immediate future will likely shape the final landscape of the place we call home.

With policy and program decisions being made exclusively by and for Long Islanders, the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum is uniquely positioned to accomplish this essential task ― one which other groups cannot by law or circumstance accomplish. Board members are Republicans, Democrats and independents ― those for whom the environment is more important than party labels. The Forum will seek out prospective candidates from the ranks of leaders from the environmental community. By focusing on the races where environmental issues are critical, the Forum can be selective and can provide a candidate's campaign with much more than an endorsement.

The Forum helps develop the environment as an issue, educates voters and advocates for the election of environmental champions, even as it promotes environmental referenda and informs Long Islanders about the essential role the environment plays in determining the Island's quality-of-life.


»Board of Directors

The governing body of the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum:

David Reisfield Executive Director
Richard Amper Chair
Jennifer Juengst Vice-Chair
Matthew Meng Secretary
Thomas Casey Treasurer
Anthony Coates Member




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